Protect our Care, #RejectRepeal Day of Action, April 19

demand Republicans reject repeal and #ProtectOurCare: Do not take away our care. Stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care ActProtect our Care is hosting a nationwide day of action, Wednesday, April 19 to Protect Our Care. Below are key resources shared from them and other organizations critical to the healthcare fight. Key Questions to Ask Members of CongressMembers need to keep hearing from their constituents so they understand that it's time to give up on repealing the health care law. Remember: Keep it personal. The best and most impactful questions are ones where someone shares their story about what the Affordable Care Act has meant to them or their family. Do you agree with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that you should not work with Democrats to fix the Affordable Care Act and work together to bring costs down? Will you give up on repealing and replacing the law with anything that results in people losing their health coverage and increasing costs? Choose your own issue: It'...
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