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Resistance Spotlight: It Starts Today
Last fall, the Republicans won 241 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Democrats won 194. You might think that this means that the Democratic party fought and won in 194 districts and fought and lost in 241. But you would be wrong.

The Democrats fought and won in 194 districts and fought and lost in 35. And in 206 districts, we did not have the resources to fight.

In 2016, the average Democratic nominee for the U.S. House raised $928k to fund their election. But, in the 206 neglected races, the average was only $97k—not much when it comes to renting an office, paying a staff for half a year or more, reaching hundreds of thousands of potential voters, getting the the message out on the airwaves, and turning out the vote.

In 2018, every single member of the House and a third of the Senate will be up for reelection. To resist Trump's agenda, we need to fight everywhere.

For decades, the focus has been on a handful of swing districts deemed “winnable." This is important, but it's not enough—because of this strategy, the Democratic candidate in hundreds of districts is just a name on a ballot, abandoned and unable to spread a message about common-sense policies to the people who need to hear about them most. Activists in those districts are left without a cause to rally around, and voters are left without a real choice. We can change that.

It Starts Today is an independent project to fund every single Democrat running for Congress in 2018 through small, recurring grassroots donations. These funds will give every campaign a foundation to build on, empower candidates to organize voters and activists, and remind voters in every corner of the country that the Democrats have not abandoned them.

Our supporters give just $4.68 per month—a penny for every House and Senate race in 2018. When a candidate secures the Democratic nomination in their race, we send them funds. It's that simple. One hundred percent of dollars raised go to candidates in 2018, but for them to have their greatest impact, we need to start right now. Please visit and sign up to be a part of the fight in every state and district.

Affordable, Quality Healthcare is a Right
Yesterday, Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP unveiled a revised healthcare plan. The new legislation attempts to appease both moderate conservatives and those further to the right, resulting in skepticism from both groups, including legislators like Collins (ME), Portman (OH), Capito (WVA), Murkowski (AK), and others. Newsflash Mitch McConnell and Senate GOP -- this 'new version' of the bill still results in more than 22 million people losing healthcare over the next ten years. Which makes it unacceptable. What exactly does the revised bill look like? The bill:
  • Keeps the Medicaid cuts proposed in the June bill, meaning deep cuts to Medicaid will begin in 2025, and the money for expansion of Medicaid will end in 2024.
  • Includes language from the Cruz/Lee amendment aimed at allowing insurers to offer plans that do not meet all of the Affordable Care Act's regulations, "including those protecting people with pre-existing conditions and mandating that plans cover certain services, such as maternity care and mental healthcare." {source} In other words, insurers would be able to offer insurance plans that don't comply with ObamaCare regulations like the essential health benefits and pre-existing condition coverage, as long as they also sell plans that do.
  • Includes new funding in the amount of $70 billion over seven years, aimed at easing costs for those sick people remaining in the ObamaCare plans.
  • Replaces the ACAs tax credits to help people afford insurance with a smaller tax credit that provides less assistance.
  • Maintains two ACA taxes on the wealthy (original bill did not)
  • Includes $45 billion to fight opioid addiction
What's next? The CBO should release a score early next week, and the Senate will likely vote by the end of next week. In the meantime, a document of relevant resources distributed by Center for American Progress can be found here, and Indivisible Guide's TrumpCare Toolkit is here. Find an event - a rally, meeting, workshop, phone bank - to attend via the People's Calendar. Show up. Call. Keep resisting.

CBO Analysis Released on Trump Budget
On Thursday, the Congressional Budget Office released an analysis of Trump's first budget, dispelling the statement's out of the White House that the plan would create economic growth.

Trump's budget, premised on heavy tax cuts and drastic reductions in spending on anti-poverty programs, will not eliminate the deficit over 10 years, or expand the economy by 2021. This falls in stark contrast to what the White House is saying, specifically that tax cuts will boost economic growth, and that the government would have a budget surplus in 2027 if its policy proposals were enacted.

In 2027, the CBO says the deficit would be $720 billion under the White House's budget. Similarly, the CBO found economic growth would average 1.9% per year, while the White House claimed that its budget plan would yield economic growth by 3 percent per year.

The CBO did say that the White House's plan would cut government spending by approximately $4.2 trillion over 10 years.

A lack of knowledge regarding the White House's plan to overhaul the tax code made it difficult for the CBO to determine with clarity the impact of these ideas. To date, the White House has proffered only a single page document outlining it's proposals for the tax code. Until a fully fleshed out plan is revealed, the CBO cannot properly analyze economic impact. {Source: Washington Post, CBO Analysis}

Trump plans halt to Immigrant Entrepreneur Rule
The Trump administration will take steps to delay, and ultimately rescind, an Obama administration rule allowing foreign entrepreneurs to come to the US to start companies.

Called the International Entrepreneur Rule, the program was scheduled to go into effect July 17, 2017. The rule set a high bar to qualify: a foreigner must demonstrate that he or she will contribute to economic growth or job creation and show that a reputable investor has put at least $250,000 into their company. Under the rule, individuals could reside in the US for 30 months, with the possibility of a 30-month extension, but could not apply for a green card. A spokesperson for US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said the rule is "under review."

Many tech and venture capital firms supported the rule, and many industry watchers considered it a way to attract the world's most innovative minds shores while fostering investment and jobs in America. The move is emblematic of the Trump administration's single-minded focus on restricting immigration, even for high-skilled workers.

You Helped Halt the Trump/Kobach Demand for Voter Data. Now You Can Comment.
On June 29 states received a letter from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity via Kris Kobach requesting that they share data on voters in their states. States pushed back, with a majority refusing the request.

Why Say No? For a multitude of reasons. First, the Kobach-Pence commission has zero record of promoting free and fair elections. In fact, many who sit on the commission, including Kobach, have a record of preventing eligible citizens from participating in our democracy. As a nation, our priority must be to ensure eligible citizens do not face barriers when attempting to participate in our democracy.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) asked a federal court to grant a temporary restraining order against the commission, alleging that "voters' personal data will not be secure" and stating that the call for voter records "violated the informational privacy rights of millions of Americans." In a court filing earlier this week, the commission asked states to hold off on providing any voter roll information.

Now you can comment. According to a statement posted to the White House website, "Any member of the public wishing to submit written comments for the Commission's consideration may do so via email at [email protected] Please note that the Commission may post such written comments publicly on our website, including names and contact information that are submitted."

For additional resources and talking points on the commission and on election integrity, visit the Brennan Center.

Russia Scandal - White House Lawyers Up
There isn't enough space to debrief everything happening with Russia. Take two seconds to google it and you'll find hundreds of hits. It seems the White House may be having a revelation about the severity of the matter. According to Bloomberg, Trump is hiring an attorney, Ty Cobb, to handle all legal and media matters pertaining to investigations into Russia. As the White House lawyers up, Mueller continues his investigation. Stay tuned folks. It's only going to get bumpier from here.

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